Tips for Interior Painting



  1. Purchase 1/4 first rather than the huge amount in the event that you are still not sure of the color. Obtain a piece of foam board then paint it with the paint and move it around the room so as to see on how the light would influence the color of the paint at different times of the day.
  1. Know the square footage of the room that you plan to paint before you to go the store. And keep in mind that textured, unprimed or rough surfaces may require more.
  1. Be sure not to apply oil finish on the latex and vice versa without you sanding the walls first (take into account to wear a mask as you do this) and then wipe away the dust particles by means of using a tack cloth. Apply a primer that has the same composition, either an oil or a latex of the intended topcoat. In order for you to find out if your present wall color is either oil or water based, get a white cloth then drown it in a rubbing alcohol and then rub it on the wall. And it is surely a water based paint if the paint on the wall will soften and start to transfer on the cloth. And if the paint on the wall will still remain the same, then it is definitely oil based. Learn about South Jersey Commercial Painting here!
  1. Be certain that you don’t miscalculate the number of hours or days for you to finish the job. Be certain that you give 24 hours for the paint to dry before you start on taking in everything back to the room. And also, be sure to allot about 14 to 30 days before you start washing or wiping.
  1. The paints also have VOC or volatile organic chemicals which can release harmful gases into the air for a couple of years after the room has been painted. Make sure to only buy paints that has low or no volatile organic chemicals at all. The paints having green seals, on the whole, have less than 150 g/L of non-flat and less than 50g/L for flat.


Keep in mind that paint don’t usually stick so well to the dirty walls, for this reason, be certain that you wash it with soap and water and then rinse again after. And leave the painted wall overnight for it to dry.

  1. Clean the ceiling first before you paint. Without a doubt, there are dust and cobwebs that you have not noticed before. Take advantage of an old paintbrush or china bristle brush in order to dust away the baseboards, crown and trim the molding before you tape them off. Check this link at for more info!